Meijer Advocaten en Gerechtsdeurwaarders

Our jurisdictions

  • Family law and inheritance law

    Family law and inheritance law

    We represent your interests in relation to various aspects of family law, such as divorce, custody and access, alimony, pre-nuptial agreements and division of marital property.

    We can also assist you in the areas of succession, adoption, inheritance law and the settlement of estates.



  • Employment law

    Employment law

    We can advise and assist you with regard to both entering into and terminating employment relationships, and in the area of business relations clauses, non-competition clauses and severance arrangements, and their interface with tax regulations. We also provide advice and assistance regarding the regulations applicable to employee insurance schemes, such as the Dutch Unemployment Insurance Act (WW) and the Work and Income (Capacity for Work) Act (WIA).

    Employment law also covers issues concerning public servants law, freelancers and directors and principal shareholders.

    We will naturally also be pleased to assist you with legal questions about sickness, incapacity for work and re-integration. 



  • Contract law

    Contract law

    Both businesses and individuals can come to us for advice on concluding and terminating contracts of all kinds.

    We can also assist businesses in drawing up standard terms and conditions, agency and distribution agreements, dispute settlements and shareholders’ agreements.

    For assistance with contract negotiations, see also the Mediation section.


  • Property law and landlord-tenant law

    Property law and landlord-tenant law

    This covers all aspects relating to rent, purchase and financing of both dwellings and business accommodation, and the issue of hidden defects and liability.


  • Tax matters

    Tax matters

    Our lawyers who are also tax consultants additionally deal with tax problems in all areas, from tax assessment to tax collection. In principle we do not work in standard tax return practice. For this, we usually refer clients to the network of tax consultants. 


  • Tax conflicts and criminal proceedings (tax/non-tax)

    Tax conflicts and criminal proceedings (tax/non-tax)

    Our lawyers assist both businesses and individuals in tax conflicts, penalty law, criminal tax proceedings and white collar crime. We specialise in fraud issues, and together with you and your advisers, where applicable, we look for the fastest and most favourable way out of the problems. It goes without saying that our clients are assured of confidentiality and discretion.


  • Cassations in tax cases

    Cassations in tax cases

    We have many years of experience in instituting proceedings at the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, the highest judicial authority in the country.

    Cassation proceedings are not an appeal in which the Supreme Court re-does the work of the earlier courts (the courts that decide questions of fact), but are special proceedings with many restrictions. Cassation purely involves examination of whether the court that decided on the facts made significant errors.

    The Supreme Court may in principle only overturn a judgement if there has been infringement of the law or an important procedural rule.