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Dispute mediation

For some disputes, legal proceedings are not appropriate, especially in relationships that the parties wish to continue in the future. In such situations, the two parties can come to us for mediation. 

With the guidance of the mediator, the parties themselves are led to find a joint solution that is satisfactory to both parties. The parties then enter into a ‘settlement agreement’ by which the problem is resolved, also from the legal standpoint.

When this has been achieved, there is nothing to stand in the way of future co-operation. Mediation is available for both family relationships and business relationships. One of our lawyers is a highly experienced mediator, accredited by the Netherlands Mediation Institute. 

We always work in accordance with the regulations of this national Institute.

Business mediation

Parties can request the guidance of our mediator in contract negotiations and the creation of contracts.

You will then be assured that a contract actually contains what you wanted to agree.

This service is especially recommended for international contracts.